Visceral performance

Solid, direct touch experiences start at 60 fps

People expect fast and flawless. Take immediacy and precision to the next level.

This screen underscores the principle of visceral performance.

Performance is paramount for BlackBerry device users. They expect applications to be fast and don't want to wait for something to happen. It is critical that your application responds quickly to direct touch interactions like scrolling, dragging, and switching screens.

The UI framework is built so that application logic is separate from visual feedback. This allows you to make sure that UI components such as buttons or lists react instantly to user manipulation.

Try to minimize the number of milliseconds before the UI responds to user interaction (latency) and how fast the screen is updated (frames per second). Aim to hit 60 frames per second (FPS) so that the UI and the screen refresh rate are in sync. This number is the gold standard for a responsive interface.

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