You can use sheets for the following situations:

  • Tasks initiated from multiple places
  • Temporary tasks (for example, showing a contact in any application other than the Contacts application).
  • Sub-tasks that require users to enter information in several fields (for example, creating a new message or meeting).

Include a title bar at the top of a sheet that contains buttons for applicable actions. This approach helps users complete and dismiss the sheet easily. It also helps prevent users from submitting information accidentally by separating the action buttons from a virtual keyboard.

Best practices

  • Place positive actions, such as Send, Share, and Save, as buttons in a title bar at the top right of the screen. Place more destructive actions, such as Cancel, Close, and Back, at the top left of the screen.
  • Disable positive actions until users enter all of the required information.
  • Do not use sheets for very simple tasks or tasks that don't require navigation.

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