Screen views

Before you lay out your screens, think about the type of application that you're designing and the type of content that you're providing to users.

You can lay out your application in a variety of ways. Choose the view that makes sense for your application, using the following views as inspiration:

Type Use Example
List Allows you to provide an overview of a large set of content that users can sort and filter, such as contacts, messages, or notes. This screen shows a list view.
Grid Allows you to display content in a more visually appealing way by providing images in rows and columns. This screen shows a grid view.
Free-form Allows users to navigate a large canvas of information, such as a map, a game, or an image. This screen shows a free-form view.
Content Typically used when focus is set on a single item (for example, a contact card, an email message, a photo, or a Facebook post). This screen shows a content view.

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