The BlackBerry voice is optimistic, inspirational, passionate, intuitive, conversational, and approachable. It's simple to understand but still respected by the technologically-savvy.

Best practices for text

  • Be helpful. Tell users what to do and how to do it. For example, use “Please close some applications to free up resources and try again.” instead of "Low memory error."
  • Be concise. Consider the user's context. Only include what users need to know. For example, if a user cannot save a picture, use “The media card is full.” instead of “The file could not be saved because the media card is full.”
  • Use positive language. Avoid blaming users for errors or unexpected conditions. Instead, focus on the actions that users can take to resolve the issues. For example, use "Please move to an area with a stronger wireless signal and try again." instead of "Call failed."
  • Be conversational. Use simple, everyday language that users understand. For example, use “The media card is full.” instead of “Error writing file to disk.”

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