Types and sizes

Types of in-app icons

Type of icon Size (pixels)

Action bar and tab

This screen shows an action bar.

81 x 81

Action menu

This screen shows an action overflow menu.

81 x 81

Tab menu

This screen shows a sidebar.

81 x 81

Content area

This screen shows icons in a list view.

81 x 81

Application menu

This screen shows a sample application menu.

81 x 81

Context menu

This screen shows a contextual menu with only the icons visible.

81 x 81

Components and small buttons

This screen shows components, including small buttons.

Components: 71 x 71

Small buttons: 61 x 61


This screen shows examples of indicators.

Large: 46 x 36

Small: 31 x 26


BlackBerry smartphones use three different sizes for icons. The small size is used for small buttons. The medium size is used for components. The large size is the most common and is used in many places such as action bars and menus.

Keep the main graphical elements within the inner area of the icon. This approach allows for a buffer zone around the icon.


Indicators are small icons used in the content area that provide additional information (for example, status). If you create an indicator, follow the guidelines for the other icons including the functional colors for content area icons. Reduce the amount of detail and reduce the number of pixels by 1 for the largest lines. Follow the size and alignment guidelines below:



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