Instead of "poking" UI components, users interact with content on the screen using gestures. Avoid cluttering the screen with UI components and design your application to take advantage of the available gestures. For example, allow users to zoom into a picture using the spread gesture instead of tapping a button to incrementally zoom in.

Bezel gestures

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha supports gestures from the device bezel (the frame around the display area of the screen). You don't need to implement these gestures in your application. They are provided automatically.

Content gestures

If they apply to your application, you can implement the following gestures to allow users to directly manipulate content on the screen.

Best practice

  • If users select more than one item at a time and try to perform an action but the action cannot be carried out on all of the items (for example, because some items are locked), perform the action on the available items. Display a toast indicating why some of the items cannot be acted upon.

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