Drop-down lists

Use drop-down lists to allow users to select a single value from a set of values. Drop-down lists help make complex screens more compact and streamlined by collapsing many options into one element.

This image shows a drop-down list.

Best practices

  • If users need to choose from 2-3 sets of interconnected values, such as the date and time of an appointment, use a picker.
  • For the default value, use the value that users are most likely to click.
  • If users are not required to click a value, include a "None" value in the drop-down list. Always place the "None” value at the top of the list.
  • Use clear, concise labels for drop-down lists and for the values in drop-down lists. Verify that the label clearly describes what occurs when users click the value.
  • Avoid using "Yes" and "No" as drop-down list values. Rephrase the option and use a check box instead.
  • Use title case capitalization for drop-down list labels and values (unless the values read more like a sentence).

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