Cinematic experience

Sweeping interaction on the move feels good

Make people part of the big picture – put the control in their hands and keep everything at their fingertips. Infuse your application with fluid, natural gestures that make the screen feel expansive.

This screen shows the principle of cinematic experience.

Think about how people will interact with your application and how the interaction affects their experience. Consider the fluid, sweeping gestures that people like to use on touch screens. These gestures are natural and make the screen feel larger than it is. It's much more effective and satisfying to move through a list by swiping across the screen instead of tapping a scroll bar.

Include gestures in your application and make the outcome responsive - just as people can pick up a chess piece and move it to another spot on the board without thinking about how they're doing it or wondering why the chess piece isn't keeping up with their movement. Eliminate any gaps between action and response. For example, if someone is editing a picture and wants to apply a filter, the visual treatment could change as their finger slides across the screen. In addition, make it easy for people to undo an action in case it doesn't lead to the desired outcome.

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