Use buttons to initiate an action.

This image shows examples of buttons.

Best practices

  • In most cases, use a button with text only. Using a button with clear, concise text makes it clear to the user what will happen when the button is pressed, and this also ensures that there is a large enough touch target.
  • Use a button with both text and an image sparingly, and only when the image emphasizes the functionality of the button. If possible, use either a button with text only or a button with an image only.
  • Use a button with only an image if space is limited and the icon is easily understandable in the context. It must be obvious to the user what kind of action will be performed when the button is pressed.
  • Use single-word labels where possible.
  • Use verbs that describe the associated action, such as "Cancel," "Delete," or "Save."
  • For the default button, use the button that users are most likely to click. Avoid using a button that is associated with a destructive action as the default button.

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