Bringing the design principles together


BlackBerry flow is about seamless integration across the platform, connected applications, predictive options, and fast interactions. The goal is to create an experience that is as natural and fluid as our actions are in the real world. Interactions recreate gestures that are familiar and comfortable. Information is organized in logical and easily digestible ways so that users can respond at the speed of thought. Applications predict what users want to do next, given the context. Menu options are customized for the application and introduced at the right time, in the right place. There are no interruptions in the flow between what users see, what they can do next, and what they do. Following the design principles in your application will help you achieve this BlackBerry flow.


  • The back and peek gestures don’t require the same degree of accuracy as targeting the Back button and provide a greater set of options to users. Users can quickly go back with a sloppy swipe or consciously peek to glance at new notifications.
  • In the calendar, UI components such as pickers and drop-down lists expand inline. Users maintain their context but still have the option to minimize or maximize the amount of information on the screen.
  • In the camera, the content is front and center. The most important action is just a tap away, making it incredibly easy for users to take pictures over and over again.

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