Activity and progress indicators

Use activity and progress indicators to show users that your application is working and to inform them of the process and its progress. Users can't interact with these indicators. For more information, see Progress and activity.

Use an activity indicator when you want to show that your application is working, but you can't determine the duration of an action.

Use a progress indicator when you can determine the duration of an action.

Best practices

  • Always indicate progress when a process takes more than 3 seconds to complete.
  • Incorporate an inline solution if possible.
  • Only use activity indicators to show that something is being processed. Do not use an activity indicator to show that a connection exists.
  • For progress indicators, use concise, descriptive text to indicate what the process is (for example, "Loading <application>,"  “Downloading attachment,” or “Updating feed.”)
  • For progress indicators, inform users of the state of the progress state (for example, “Uploading 5 of 7 pictures,” “Uploading 2.4/4Mb,” or "4:24” to indicate the remaining time).
  • If list content is being retrieved through the cloud (for example, third party pictures), populate the list as content is received to allow users to interact with the content that is available.
  • Customize the size of the indicator to suit your application.

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