Simulator known issues

This section lists known issues for the BlackBerry® Tablet Simulator 1.1.0.


You cannot upload files to the simulator using Samba share. (96180)

Impact: You cannot upload test files to shared folders.

Workaround: Upload files to shared folders using SCP or SFTP.

The simulator loses mouse coordinates after changing the orientation to portrait. (95795)

Impact: Clicking within the application might not produce the expected result.

Workaround: Click within the application again to reset mouse coordinates.

When launching your application remotely, if enter your password incorrectly five times, triggering a prompt on the simulator to enter your password, and then enter it incorrectly another five times, the simulator stops functioning. (82627)

Impact: You cannot deploy your application.

Workaround: Reinstall the simulator.

In Windows® 7, the default user cannot start the simulator.

Impact: You cannot start the simulator.

Workaround: Run the installer as root, or choose a different folder.


In Windows 7, the default user cannot open and run the VMware® image.

Impact: You cannot start the simulator.

Workaround: Change permissions on the simulator to allow access for the default user, or copy the files to another location as a regular user.

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