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In-App Payment service APIs

You can now include In-App Payment services as part of your application.

integration with on board cameras

You can now invoke the camera to take pictures or videos and return the file path to the camera or video roll.

integration with on device microphone API

You can now invoke the microphone, record audio and return the file path to the audio file(s).

access device PIN API

You can now have access to the PIN of the device.

access to the file system API

You can now access the file system with the ability to store, read, write, delete, or copy a file onto the BlackBerry® Tablet OS.

access to file properties API

You can now check the file size, what directory the file is located in and what the last timestamp of the file is.

Home screen category

You now have the ability to choose which of the home screen application categories your application is deployed to.

control of application security permissions

You now have the ability to turn on or off application security capabilities of the device for your application.

support for RESTful services for File API

You can now choose whether to call BlackBerry® WebWorks™ APIs through JavaScript or AJAX.

This feature is not available for Camera, Microphone, and Payment APIs.

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