Feature Description
compile, run, and sign BlackBerry® WebWorks™ applications You can compile and sign BlackBerry WebWorks applications from a command prompt and run them using the BlackBerry Tablet Simulator.
enable web inspector When you package your application, you can enable access to information about elements in the application. You can display this information by using a desktop browser that uses web inspector funtionality and accessing the application information directly on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet.
application permissions You can use permissions to enable access to external features and domains, to add functionality to your applications.
produce output for distribution The BlackBerry® WebWorks™ Packager produces output that you can use to distribute your applications from the BlackBerry App World™ storefront.
customize applications

You can customize many aspects of your applications by setting screen orientation, using a splash screen, foreground and background colors, screen transitions, swipe gestures, and custom icons.

support for BlackBerry App World™ services

The BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK is architected to support BlackBerry Services APIs in future releases.

JavaScript® extensions

You can create JavaScript extensions to enhance your applications by adding them to the application archive before you compile the application source. You can change and distribute these extensions.

open source support

The BlackBerry® WebWorks™ Packager and JavaScript® extensions are available on GitHub™. You can create or modify extensions, view and modify the BlackBerry WebWorks Packager, and contribute to the open source community.

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