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Specify Today items to appear on the Home screen

  1. Click the Home Screen button at the left of the Inspector pane.
  2. In the Applications section, add applications to the Applications list using the Today button.
  3. In the Applications section, select an application slot to customize.
  4. Open the Properties section of the Custom Home screen Inspector.
  5. Click the Application () button and choose the application to display in this slot on the Home screen.
  6. In the Font drop-down list, click the font family to use for the main application text.
  7. Specify the text settings.
  8. In the Subentry drop-down list, click the font family to use for the subentry text.
  9. Repeat step 6 to specify the text settings for the subentry text.
  10. To specify the image to display beneath the application icon when it is selected, click the Focus thumbnail image, then navigate to the new image.
  11. If the selected application can have subentries (for example, the messages or calendar application), in the Subentries field, specify the number of subentries to display.
  12. In the Theme Extras section, select the Today Area check box to display Today entries on the Home screen.


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