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Export considerations

When you export a theme, the Plazmic® Theme Builder automatically places the theme in a .cod file that the BlackBerry® device can read.The Plazmic Theme Reader is a standard component of BlackBerry Device Software version 4.2 or later.

When you export your theme, consider the following factors that determine the export settings:

Export factor Description
Target BlackBerry device What BlackBerry device(s) do your users have?

Different BlackBerry devices—even those with the same screen size—have slight differences in functionality and UI design. You must specify the BlackBerry device to target.

For example, both the BlackBerry 7100 Series smartphones and the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Series smartphones have a screen size of 240x260 pixels; however, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Series smartphones use a trackball instead of a trackwheel. Using the trackball, a user can access the Profiles application in the Banner, which is not possible on a device with a trackwheel.

Target BlackBerry Device Software version What version(s) of the BlackBerry Device Software are your users running?

Plazmic Theme Builder version 4.7 can export themes to devices running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.2.0 or later. You must specify the version the Plazmic Theme Builder should export to. If you customize an element that is not supported by the specified version of the BlackBerry Device Software , the Plazmic Theme Builder does not include that element in the exported theme.

Distribution strategy How do you intend to distribute the theme to users?

The distribution strategy you choose determines the type of file the Plazmic Theme Builder creates during the export process to accompany the resulting .cod file.

There are two distribution strategies.
  • A user can copy the theme to their computer and then add it to a connected BlackBerry device. This strategy requires an Application Loader XML (.alx) file.
  • A user can download the theme over the wireless network, directly to a BlackBerry device. This strategy requires a BlackBerry Java® Application Descriptor (.jad) file.

You can target only one combination of the BlackBerry device, the version of the BlackBerry Device Software , and the distribution strategy at a time when you export a theme. If you need to target more than one combination of these export factors, you must repeat the export process for each combination. If you export a theme, and then re-export the theme to the same directory using the same export name, the Plazmic Theme Builder removes the original files (.cod, .alx, and .jad) and then regenerates the files.

If you want to make a theme available for multiple combinations of export factors you must export the theme to a separate directory for each combination.


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