The BlackBerry® Wallet is a BlackBerry device application that is designed to securely store information such as a user's name, shipping and billing addresses, credit card information, and login credentials for web sites and other BlackBerry device applications. After a user saves information in the BlackBerry Wallet, the BlackBerry Wallet can populate web forms and fields in applications to reduce the effort required by the user to complete data entry tasks.

To populate a web form with the data stored in the BlackBerry Wallet, web developers must specify the BlackBerry Wallet MIME type in the HTTP header for the web page that contains the web form. Web developers must also add the appropriate BlackBerry Wallet data element to the id attribute of the input element for each field on a web form that the BlackBerry Wallet can populate.

For more information about the BlackBerry Wallet, see the BlackBerry Wallet Feature and Technical Overview.

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