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This class displays fields on a pair of managers that appear temporarily at the top and bottom of the screen. You can add a field to the top manager or bottom manager by invoking addTop(Field field) and addBottom(Field field), respectively. You can also add a field at an absolute position by invoking add(Field field, int x, int y), which is inherited from the AbsoluteFieldManager class.

By default, the managers appear when a BlackBerry® device user moves the trackpad or trackball, or touches the screen. The managers disappear after a period of inactivity (by default, 1.2 seconds). You can change the amount of time that the managers are displayed by invoking setEyelidDisplayTime(int time), and you can show or hide the managers manually by invoking setEyelidsVisible(boolean visible).

The sample application adds the following fields to the screen:

  • Four fields to the top manager (two CustomLabelField objects, a SeparatorField object, and a CustomEditField object)
  • Two fields to the bottom manager (a CustomLabelField object and a HorizontalFieldManager object that contains three SimpleButton objects)
  • Two CheckboxField objects at absolute positions
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