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Create a rounded rectangle or rounded square

The maximum X- or Y-axis radius length that the BlackBerry® Composer displays for the roundness of corners is half the height or width of the shape. If you type a value that exceeds half the height or width of the shape, the BlackBerry Composer processes the value as half the height or width, and does not change the values in the Inspector. The BlackBerry Composer stores the value and applies it if you resize the shape such that the value is less than or equal to half the height or width of the shape.

  1. On the toolbox, click the Rounded Rectangle tool.
  2. On the workspace, drag the pointer until the object is the size that you want.
  3. To create a rounded square, press SHIFT and drag the pointer.
  4. To change the roundness of the corners, on the Inspector, click the Rounded Rectangle tab.
  5. In the X and Y fields, type the X-axis and Y-axis radius lengths, or click the arrow and move the slide bars to adjust the value.
  6. On the Inspector, change additional properties for the rounded rectangle object.

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