Element: <subscriptionquery-message>

Valid parent


Valid children

<address>, <status>

The content provider sends the <subscriptionquery-message> element to the BlackBerry® Infrastructure to determine the status of each PIN, or each PIN with a specified status.

You can use a subscription query message to reconcile your information with the BlackBerry Infrastructure information. To prevent accidental cancellations, you should reconcile the subscription information once a month.

There are two forms of subscription query request:
  • A Requested-PIN query returns all PIN values with a specified status of active or suspended
  • A Supplied-PIN query lists the PINs for which subscription information is needed; a single subscription query is limited to 10,000 PINs

To avoid overloading servers, you can send this message only 100 times in 10 minutes. Each call can contain up to 10,000 addresses, which means that up to 1,000,000 PINs can be synchronized in 10 minutes.







This attribute specifies a string that uniquely identifies the push service.

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