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Best practice: Creating effective resources

In the BlackBerry® device UI, images are often layered upon one another. For example, the Home screen icons overlay a background image, and the application menus and dialog boxes overlay the application backgrounds. You should consider how images interact with one another in the UI so that they do not hinder the BlackBerry device user’s ability to navigate around the UI and use the device.

  • Limit the number of colors on a screen: Too many colors on a screen can result in visual overload for a user, or negatively affect a user’s ability to read text or identify icons, and can hinder navigation.
    • Background images should be fairly uniform in color and patterns should be subtle so that they do not overpower the text on controls such as menus, buttons, or dialog boxes.
    • On the Home screen, the background should not detract from the icons and text. Limit the use of bolder colors to the icon and text elements, and make sure that the background has a lower color saturation.
  • Use complementing colors: A simple color palette that contains colors that complement each other enhances the users ability to read and navigate the BlackBerry UI.
  • Define borders for control elements: Borders around control elements separate them from the screen content that they overlay.


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