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Converting simple buttons and frame actions

The Plazmic® Composer can convert simple buttons and simple actions in Flash® to the equivalent in .svg.

Simple buttons have static content (no movie clips). They trigger simple actions with the button release event. Simple buttons in .swf have the following states:

  • up
  • down
  • over

Other button events such as Press, Release Outside, Roll Over, Roll Out, Drag Over, and Drag Out are not supported.

A hit-test shape defines the pointer boundaries for the Over state. For example, a mouse click while the pointer is over the hit-test shape will activate the button.

Simple actions are tellTarget, play, and getURL. They are associated with button events, transitions between button states, or frames in the timeline.

getURL produces a Plazmic .svg extension, <loadScene>. Refer to the SVG for BlackBerry Reference Guide for more information.

Adobe® Flash provides a special timeline for buttons. One frame is provided for each button state. ActionScript can be associated with button state transitions through the on(release) mouse event handler. Adobe Flash can also associate actions with specific frames in the timeline.

Note the following limitations:

  • URL strings are converted as is. File extensions are not converted.
  • The Plazmic Composer does not support the play action on movie clips that are currently playing. Using the play action on movie clips that are running might cause errors.
  • You can use the stop action in the first or last frame of the movie clip that it targets.
  • The play action must target named movie clip instances.
  • Frame actions and Button actions are supported, but the Plazmic Composer does not support Clip actions.
  • Buttons can have sounds associated with state changes, but the Plazmic Composer does not support sounds (including button sounds).


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