Add Javadoc comments for the Payment Service APIs to a project

To display the Javadoc comments for the Payment Service APIs when you point to a class name or method name in a source file, you must add the .html files that contain the Javadoc comments to your project.
  1. In Eclipse, in the Package Explorer view, right-click the project that you want to add the Javadoc comments to.
  2. Click Build Path > Configure Build Path.
  3. Click the Libraries tab.
  4. Expand paymentapi.jar.
  5. Click Javadoc location: (None).
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Select the Javadoc URL option.
  8. Click Browse.
  9. Navigate to the folder that contains the extracted Payment Service SDK and click the javadoc folder.
  10. Click Validate to verify that the folder contains valid Javadoc comments.
  11. Click OK until the Properties window disappears.

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