Creating a Send menu

You can use the SendCommandMenu class to create a Send menu in your application. This class is a subclass of the SubMenu class and is designed to create a menu that represents a set of SendCommand objects. Each SendCommand object is represented in the Send menu by a SendCommandMenuItem object. When a BlackBerry device user clicks one of the Send menu items, the run() method of the associated SendCommand object is invoked.

When you create a SendCommandMenu object, you can provide either an array of SendCommandMenuItem objects or an array of SendCommand objects. You can specify both the ordering of the items in the menu, and what text appears as the label of the menu. For example, the default label is "Send," but you can provide different text that is appropriate for your application.

As an alternative to creating a Send menu, you can use the SendCommandScreen class to create a pop-up screen that displays SendCommand objects. For example, your application might contain a toolbar button called "Send", and when a user clicks this button, a list of available Send commands is displayed.

You can also create your own UI components to display SendCommand objects if neither SendCommandMenu or SendCommandScreen suit your needs. For example, you might create a drop-down list that contains SendCommand objects that a user can choose from.

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