Fixed issues

This section lists fixed issues for Push Service SDK


If you tried to subscribe a BlackBerry® device user with a subscriber ID that is longer than 42 characters, or the subscriber ID was null or empty (because the user authentication process did not return the subscriber ID), or the subscriber ID was equivalent to the reserved keyword PUSH_ALL, the subscription failed and you received the status code "rc=10020". Previously the API reference related this status code to "The subscriber id specified is null or empty" only. Now the updated API reference lists all the possible reasons (as stated above) for receiving this status code. (755827)

Sample push-enabled application

The message list now displays correctly on the BlackBerry® Storm2™ Series devices and BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 devices. (456898)

DebugPortal helper application

If an application ID for a push-enabled application contains a quotation mark ("), now the push-enabled application can be enabled or disabled. (729174)

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