The Advertising Service is a component of the BlackBerry® Application Platform that provides you with the capability to display ads, for monetization purposes, in your BlackBerry device applications.

The Advertising Service web portal is a central website where you can add and remove ad networks and adjust the percentage of ad requests sent to each network without making changes to your application. You can also track statistics about the ads in your applications (for example, the reach, CTR, eCPM, and earnings). To use the Advertising Service web portal, visit adservices.blackberry.com.

The Advertising Service supports a variety of ads that follow the MMA guidelines for mobile advertisements. Ad networks and ad agencies can also create ads that are designed to integrate with BlackBerry® Device Software applications, such as the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. For more information about the MMA Mobile Advertising Guidelines, visit www.mmaglobal.com/mobileadvertising.pdf.

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