Using the key frame editor to manage key frames

The Animation key editor displays the frames of the timeline and the property keys, which are placed at each frame in which you have defined a value for an animatable property.

From the key editor, you can set, add, and remove key frames and control how objects move or change appearance in your BlackBerry® Composer animations. You can also add or remove frames to extend or shorten the animation length.

In addition to the property keys, the key editor also displays animation handles for objects and layers. Whenever you set or change an animatable property, the BlackBerry Composer adds not only a new property key to the current frame, but it also adds an object handle at the object level of the hierarchy, and a layer handle at the layer level. You can use these handles to control all the property keys that are children of the handle.

For example, to move all the property keys that exist at a given frame for a given object, you can move the object handle to the desired frame and all the property keys are moved along with it; similarly, to remove all property keys that exist at the same frame for all objects within a layer, you need only delete the appropriate layer handle.

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