Converting simple buttons and frame actions

The BlackBerry® Composer can convert simple buttons and simple actions in Adobe® Flash® to the equivalent in .svg.

Simple buttons have static content (no movie clips). They trigger simple actions with the button release event. Simple buttons in .swf have the following states:

  • up
  • down
  • over

Other button events such as Press, Release Outside, Roll Over, Roll Out, Drag Over, and Drag Out are not supported.

A hit-test shape defines the pointer boundaries for the Over state. For example, a mouse click while the pointer is over the hit-test shape will activate the button.

Simple actions are tellTarget, play, and getURL. They are associated with button events, transitions between button states, or frames in the timeline.

getURL produces a Plazmic .svg extension, <loadScene>. Refer to the SVG for BlackBerry Reference Guide for more information.

Flash provides a special timeline for buttons. One frame is provided for each button state. Adobe® ActionScript® can be associated with button state transitions through the on(release) mouse event handler. Flash can also associate actions with specific frames in the timeline.

Note the following limitations:

  • URL strings are converted as is. File extensions are not converted.
  • The BlackBerry Composer does not support the play action on movie clips that are currently playing. Using the play action on movie clips that are running might cause errors.
  • You can use the stop action in the first or last frame of the movie clip that it targets.
  • The play action must target named movie clip instances.
  • Frame actions and Button actions are supported, but the BlackBerry Composer does not support Clip actions.
  • Buttons can have sounds associated with state changes, but the BlackBerry Composer does not support sounds (including button sounds).
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