Files in the sample application

This file defines the PictureScrollFieldDemo class.

The PictureScrollFieldDemo class extends the UiApplication class to support a UI and contains the following constructor and methods:

  • main(String[] args): provides the entry point to the sample application and starts the main thread for the application using the enterEventDispatcher() method from UiApplication
  • PictureScrollFieldDemo(): constructs a new PictureScrollFieldDemo object and creates a PictureScrollFieldDemoScreen object and displays it

This file defines the PictureScrollFieldDemoScreen class.

The PictureScrollFieldDemoScreen class extends the MainScreen class to support screen characteristics that are common to standard BlackBerry® device applications, implements the FieldChangeListener interface to support the handling of field change events, and contains the following constructor and methods:

  • PictureScrollFieldDemoScreen(): constructs a new PictureScrollFieldDemoScreen object, and contains the code that initializes an array of scroll entries, a PictureScrollField object, a choice field for selecting a highlight style, and a check box for turning the center lens on and off
  • onSavePrompt(): overrides the MainScreen.onSavePrompt() method with the functionality to suppress the dialog box that prompts the BlackBerry device user to save, because the sample application does not store persistent data
  • navigationClick(int status, int time): overrides the Screen.navigationClick(int status, int time) method with the functionality to make a dialog box appear if a click event occurs on an entry in the PictureScrollField
  • touchEvent(TouchEvent message): overrides the Screen.touchEvent() method with the functionality to make a dialog box appear when a TouchEvent.CLICK event occurs on an entry in the PictureScrollField object
  • fieldChanged(Field field, int context): overrides the FieldChangeListener.fieldChanged(Field field, int context) method to be notified of a change in the screen's highlight style ChoiceField, and change the highlight style of the screen's PictureScrollField object accordingly

Resource files

File name






These files are the images that the PictureScrollField object displays on the screen.


This file is the application icon for the sample application.


This file is the project file for the sample application.

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