Run the sample application on two BlackBerry devices

Before you begin:
  • Build and sign the sample application.
  • Install the sample application on two BlackBerry® devices.
  1. Pair the two BlackBerry devices.
  2. On the first BlackBerry device, on the Home Screen, click the Downloads folder.
  3. Click the BluetoothDemo icon.
  4. In the menu, click Listen for Connections.
  5. On the second BlackBerry device,on the Home screen, click the Downloads folder.
  6. Click the BluetoothDemo icon.
  7. In the menu, click Connect to <first BlackBerry device name>.
  8. On the first BlackBerry device, accept the connection request.
When you type characters using the second BlackBerry device, the characters appear in the BluetoothDemo application on the first BlackBerry device.
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