Known issues

This section lists known issues for Plazmic® Content Developer’s Kit for BlackBerry® Smartphones Version 4.7.

Plazmic Content Developer's Kit

DPI 192729

In Windows Vista™, BBAlpha fonts are not installed by default.

Impact: You cannot use the BBAlpha fonts.

Workaround: Install the fonts from C:\Program Files\Plazmic CDK 4.6\fonts.

Plazmic Theme Builder

DPI 167708

Highlighted fonts are not always displayed correctly on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.5.

Impact: If you set the menu highlight text to a font size that is larger than the font size normal menu text, the highlight menu text is not rendered correctly on the device. Instead, the text appears to be cut off at the top.

Workaround: Avoid setting the menu highlight text to a font size greater than the normal menu text.

DPI 167523

Fonts may not always be displayed correctly in the Message list on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.3 or 4.5.

Impact: If you define the list font to a large font size, it may cause the font in the message list application to be rendered incorrectly on the device. This is because the space allowed for the text in the Message list application is determined by the font size selected by the user in the Screen/Keyboard options. As a result, the spacing may not be correctly adjusted to allow for the height of the font, causing the text to be cut off.

Workaround: Increase the font size in Options > Screen/Keyboard to accommodate the larger list font.

DPI 161023

The Home screen may not display correctly if the banner height is modified. This issue only affects BlackBerry Device Software versions 4.3.0 and earlier.

Impact: If the banner height is modified, the Home screen coordinates are not correctly adjusted. As a result, the banner may overlap the Home screen images, or there may be a gap between the banner and the Home screen background image.

Workaround: None.

DPI 156710

The application grid may not display correctly for themes created using an earlier version of the Plazmic Theme Builder.

Impact: If you import a theme designed using Plazmic Theme Builder version 4.2.2, and the theme has modified banner text elements, the banner text on the Zen screen and Application Grid screen may look different when loaded on to a BlackBerry device running BlackBerry Device Software versions 4.5 and later.

Workaround: None.

DPI 150737

The messages list application may not display the correct list font.

Impact: If a theme has modified list font and colors, the message list may not display the modified text as specified on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry Device Software versions 4.3 and 4.5.

Workaround: None.

DPI 126725

The Plazmic Theme Builder may not correctly render the image tile settings of the menu background in the preview pane.

Impact: If you tile the background image in the Menu section of the Controls Inspector, the borders may not be displayed as intended in the Plazmic Theme Builder preview pane. In particular, the borders adjacent to the edges of the device display are not displayed. However, when the theme is exported and activated on a BlackBerry device, the border settings are correctly rendered.

Workaround: None.

DPI 115817

Plazmic Theme Builder does not properly export a theme project to an export path in which there are any international characters.

Impact: If any folder in the export path contains international characters, Plazmic Theme Builder cannot export the theme project.

Workaround: Ensure that the export path does not contain any international characters.

DPI 72351

Sample catalog items are not displayed in Plazmic Theme Builder when the Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit is not installed in the default directory.

Impact: Plazmic Theme Builder samples are not accessible from the catalog. Samples are still installed with the software however and can be accessed by browsing to their location on your hard drive.

Workaround: Install the Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit in the default directory.

DPI 67849

When exporting files, the Plazmic Theme Builder takes all special characters in the file name (-, +, &, etc.) and translates them as an underscore (_) when creating the cod file. Consequently, if two theme files have the same name differentiated only by the special characters used, then they will have identical names when exported to a cod file.

Impact: If you checked the Overwrite Existing Files check box in the Export dialog box, you will not be warned if Plazmic Theme Builder overwrites a file that exports to the same name as another file in the same directory, even if the Windows file names for those two themes are unique.

Workaround: Name themes such that they are unique, beyond a difference in the special characters used.

BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator

DPI 113343

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator is unable to compile and display SVG files with international characters in the file name.

Impact: The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator is unable to display the SVG file.

Workaround: Rename the file so that it no longer contains international characters.

BlackBerry Device Software

DPI 223519

On BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8230 smartphones, if the Active Call phone icon is too small, the Active Call timer text is cut off.

Impact:The Active Call timer text is cut off at the bottom.

Workaround: Ensure that the Active Call phone icon is the correct size.

DPI 223497

On BlackBerry® Storm™ 9500 smartphones, button text is shortened in non-dialog buttons if button text fonts are too large.

Impact:The text on some buttons might be shortened.

Workaround: For BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphone themes, button text font size should be close to the default font size. Adjust the device font size to accomodate the custom theme font size.

DPI 223394, DPI 223392

On BlackBerry® Bold™ 9000 smartphones, Zen application text might be cut off when stationary or leave a trail when animated, on a themed custom Home screen that uses text animation.

Impact:Text is cut off when stationary, or leaves a text trail when animated.

Workaround: None.

DPI 223222

On BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphones, some fonts are rendered smaller than specified in the theme.

Impact: Some fonts in the Custom and Zen Home screens, Application Icons screen, Phone Active Call, and Incoming Call screens show smaller text than specified.

Workaround: When you theme any of the affected screens, use a larger font in Theme Builder to compensate for the effect on the device.

DPI 223237

On BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphones, menu highlight fonts using a system font (such as BBAlpha Sans or BBCapitals) are rendered as white.

Impact:The menu highlight color is shown in white.

Workaround: None.

DP I222948

On BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 smartphones, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i smartphones, and BlackBerry Pearl 8230 smartphones, button fonts might not be themed correctly.

Impact:If both the Normal font and Highlight font are themed as BlackBerry fonts, both they are both rendered the same, and only the Highlight font color is applied.

If both the Normal font and Highlight font are themed as non-BlackBerry fonts, both the Normal and Highlight font attributes are rendered the same for buttons on the device.

Workaround: None.

DPI 223097

On BlackBerry 8200 Series smartphones, you cannot theme the multi-tap key modifier.

Impact:The multi-tap key modifier is not displayed.

Workaround: None.

DPI 221527

On BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphones, unread and missed call icons are not displayed on a Custom Home screen banner.

Impact: Unread and missed call indicators do not appear in the banner.

Workaround: None.

DPI 220865

Navigation order does not work properly if the SMS and MMS Today application slot is dropped.

Impact:The focus cannot navigate past that application slot.

Workaround: If the Inbox Configuration is set to an option that does not use the SMS and MMS inbox, do not add a Today application for SMS and MMS.

DPI 216148

XFONT® fonts are not rendered correctly on semi-transparent backgrounds.

Impact: You cannot use XFONT fonts with semi-transparent backgrounds.

Workaround: None.

DPI 211676

No_new_email and no_new_missed_call events triggers animations on BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphones.

Impact: You cannot use these events.

Workaround: None.

DPI 208863

The unread count for the SMS mailbox is the same value as the Message count, even if there are no unread SMS messages.

Impact: The unread SMS count is inaccurate.

Workaround: None.

DPI 206506

On BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphones, the New Item image does not appear for Today slots on the home screen. The new overlay only appears or disappears if you change the theme or reset the device.

Impact: New item images do not update properly.

Workaround: None.

DPI 202732

When you set an SVG as the homescreen and configure it to trigger on a new mail event, the animation does not run on the first new mail event. Subsequent new mail events will properly trigger the animation.

Impact: Homescreen animations are not triggered properly on new mail events.

Workaround: None.

DPI 198414

When you set an SVG as a homescreen that includes sound, only MIDI files will play. Any other formats do not play when triggered.

Impact: Only MIDI files will play from a homescreen SVG.

Workaround: None.

DPI 194544

On BlackBerry Device Software versions or earlier, customizing lists results in only font changes being applied. Font family, style, and size are not applied. BlackBerry Device Software versions and later allow changes to all font properties.

Impact: The phone list might not be displayed correctly.

Workaround: Upgrade the BlackBerry Device Software .

DPI 186905

A Home screen SVG containing a loadScene element for an HTTP URL causes a MediaException. Note that the loadScene element is not intended for use in a homescreen SVG.

Impact: You cannot use the loadScene element with an HTTP or HTTPS URL in a homescreen SVG.

Workaround: None.

Plazmic Composer

DPI 174835

Pushing content to the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator may result in an error if the process is cancelled while the push is in progress.

Impact: When the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator is started from the Plazmic Composer, if the browser loading process is interrupted and then restarted, the Browser application in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator does not successfully display the content.

Workaround: Do not interrupt the loading process when pushing attempting to push content to the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator from the Plazmic Composer.

DPI 114858

When resizing an object with a large stroke width, the object does not appear as expected in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or on the BlackBerry device.

Impact: Because Plazmic Composer does not scale the stroke width when objects are resized, but the rendering component on the BlackBerry device does, a resized object does not have the same stroke width on the Plazmic Composer and BlackBerry device. In most cases, where the stroke width is not unusually large, this difference is not normally noticeable. However, in those cases where the stroke width is very large, the difference in the results can be quite pronounced.

Workaround: None.

DPI 113562

Text area objects do no animate properly.

Impact: When attempting to animate text area objects, they do not behave as expected in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or on the BlackBerry device.

Workaround: None.

DPI 113181, DPI 105392

Buttons in PME content do not always follow the focus order specified in Plazmic Composer when viewed in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or on a BlackBerry device running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.2.2 or 4.3.0. The BlackBerry Device Software is unable to correctly replicate the focus order for buttons when the order differs from the order in which the objects are rendered.

Impact: If you change the focus order of buttons, that order may not be respected if you are running BlackBerry Device Software versions 4.2.2 or 4.3.0.

Workaround: In Plazmic Composer, create buttons in the order in which you want them to have focus, or reorder the buttons in the Objects panel of the Plazmic Composer, instead of using the Focus Order item on the Interactivity menu to adjust the focus order.

DPI 110641

In some cases, Plazmic Composer incorrectly interpolates text animation.

Impact: If you animate multiple properties (for example, fill and position), and the changes in one property are minimal over the course of the animation (for example, changing the fill value from a red to a slightly darker red over 200 frames), Plazmic Composer might incorrectly interpolate the tweening animation for the other property, resulting in a loss of smoothness.

Workaround: Avoid very subtle changes in a property value over a long period of time, or add additional key frames to other properties.

DPI 107103

Plazmic Composer does not correctly indicate when transparency cannot be performed.

Impact: In Plazmic Composer, transparency can be modified for most objects. However, when you apply a Web-Safe color to an object, transparency is no longer meaningful, since there is no alpha channel (the channel used to define transparency) for Web Safe colors. Plazmic Composer does not disable the Alpha channel slider in the UI, which could mislead users into thinking transparency is still modifiable.

Workaround: None.

DPI 17146, DPI 19457, DPI 10645

Shortcut key commands might not work in some situations.

Impact: This problem impacts the following areas:
  • If you select an object in the Objects panel, the following key commands might not work: CTRL+an ARROW key, SHIFT+an ARROW key, and CTRL+SHIFT+an ARROW key.
  • The undo shortcut (CTRL+Z) does not work immediately after using menu commands like the Layer Merge commands.
  • Sometimes the animation shortcut keys do not work. When the mouse focus is over a button on the Animation panel, the following key commands do not work: ALT+PAGE UP, ALT+PAGE DOWN, CTRL+PAGE UP, and CTRL+PAGE DOWN.

Workaround: Use the mouse to reset the focus. Before typing the key command, click the area (for example, the canvas area or the animation timeline). Then, try to use the key commands.

When inserting and deleting frames or resizing the length of an animation, timeline interactivity items are not affected; they remain at their original frame numbers.

Impact: If you decrease the length of an animation, timeline interactivity items remain at the original frame numbers. If you remove frames, timeline interactivity items remain when the keys in the same frames were removed.

Workaround: Click the Timeline Action button. Complete one of the following steps:
  • In the At Frame field, change the frame number to a frame number that is part of the animation timeline.
  • Delete or change the timeline interactivity.

SVG Transcoding Utility

DPI 39022

The SVG Transcoding Utility may not follow the encoding processing instruction in the XML declaration as expected.

Impact: If you have specified a particular encoding in your SVG, the SVG Transcoding Utility may ignore the encoding attribute and output content in the default encoding (UTF-8).

Workaround: None.

SVG Content

When creating links using the <a> element, if the element contains children with visibility attributes, the link might be disabled. For example, if a visible child of the <a> element contains the attribute visibility="hidden", the link might be disabled.
<a xlink:href="SCDS024-backSVG.svg" visibility="visible">
     <text stroke="red" fill="red" font-size="30" x="10" y="60" visibility="hidden">
In the previous example, the SVG renders as follows:
  • visibility of the a element is ignored because the children specify their own visibility
  • visibility of the <text> element is retained (hidden)
  • link is disabled

Impact: Links with invisible children might not work as intended.

Workaround: Create a visual and visible child for the <a> element.


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