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Export a theme

  1. On the File menu, click Export.
  2. Based on your distribution strategy, select either ALX or JAD.
  3. In the Theme Name field, type the name for the theme. Upon export, the Plazmic® Theme Builder appends the com_plazmic_theme_ prefix to the .cod and .jad filenames. For example, if you name your theme myTheme, the Plazmic Theme Builder produces a file named com_plazmic_theme_myTheme.cod.
  4. In the Path field, specify the location in which to store the theme .cod file and the associated .jad or .alx files.
  5. In the Handheld drop-down list, click the target device.
  6. In the Target OS drop-down list, click the version of the BlackBerry® Device Software for which you are exporting the theme.
  7. To automatically overwrite any existing files, select Overwrite existing files.
  8. If you want to support the theme in languages other than English, select Include international characters. When you select this option, the Plazmic Theme Builder exports all of the international characters (accented characters and symbols) that are available for each font included in the theme. The Plazmic Theme Builder includes only the international characters that exist in the original font set. It does not export international character sets (such as Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic). If a font set specified in the theme does not contain a particular character, the BlackBerry device uses a system font to display the character.


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