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Changing theme types and screen sizes

When you create a theme, you must select the theme type and the screen size that you want to target. However, if you wish to create a family of related themes that, for example, targets different screen sizes and present different Home screen layouts, the Plazmic® Theme Builder enables you to do so, without you having to create similar looking themes from scratch.

You can change from one theme type to another at any time. Changes you made to the Home screen are lost, since they will no longer apply in the new theme. However, the Plazmic Theme Builder preserves changes elsewhere in the theme.

A single theme project cannot target multiple screen sizes. You must create a new theme to target a different screen size. However, you can leverage design work you’ve already done for another theme by importing it into your new theme.

When you import a theme that targets a different screen size, all modified theme elements are imported into your new theme. After the theme is imported, you may need to make some slight adjustments, for example, in the placement of banner elements, to achieve the desired results.


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