Registering digital goods with BlackBerry App World

When you submit an application for review in the BlackBerry App World vendor portal, you must also add the details about the digital goods that your application offers. You must provide the name, the SKU (the unique identifier for the digital goods), the license model (consumable or one-time payment), the pricing tier, and a description of the digital goods in each language that your application is available.

If it is impractical to create a separate name and SKU for each of your digital goods, you can use the same name and SKU for multiple digital goods. For example, if you sell streaming video through your application, you could use one name and SKU for the digital goods that you sell at a particular price tier. In this scenario, you might register digital goods with the name "Video $4.99" and use the same SKU for every streaming video that you sell at the $4.99 pricing tier. This way you can update the purchase options without submitting a new version of your application. When you invoke the PaymentEngine.purchase() function, you can pass in a metadata argument that you can use to differentiate digital goods that reference the same SKU.

For more information about submitting applications and digital goods, see the BlackBerry App World vendor documentation at

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