Known issues

On devices running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0, if a screen displays two extra large or auto sized ads that are placed side by side in the same HorizonalFieldManager, users might not be able to interact with the ads. If a user selects and holds the right add and then scrolls and selects the left ad, the action associated with the right ad is performed instead of the action for the left ad. (DT1074370)

Impact: A user may click an ad banner and navigate to an unexpected page.

Workaround: Avoid placing banners side by side in a HorizonalFieldManager.

If you create an extra large Banner object in a dialog box, when you focus on the Banner object, the focus border might not display correctly. (DT924635)

Impact: Part of the focus border might be cut off.

Workaround: Create a Banner object whose dimensions are smaller than the dimensions of the dialog box.

On some BlackBerry Pearl Series and BlackBerry Pearl Flip Series smartphones, extra large ad banners do not display correctly. Because the extra large ads are exactly the same width as the screen, the focus border cuts off part of the ad. (DT708591)

Impact: Parts of the ads are not visible to the user.

Workaround: Specify a smaller ad banner size for ads on these devices.

If you place a Banner object in a FlowFieldManager, the focus behavior does not perform as expected. (DT704427, DT704369, DT687890, DT686118)

Impact: Some fields in the FlowFieldManager are truncated.

Workaround: Do not use a FlowFieldManager with a Banner object.

In some cases, if a user clicks a click-to-Calendar ad or a click-to-Contacts ad, and changes the details for the calendar entry or the contact, and then clicks the ad again, a new calendar entry or contact is not created and the user receives an error message that says that the calendar entry or contact already exists. (DT678380)

Impact: A user might accidentally change the information in the calendar or contact entry and might not be able to get the correct information to appear again.

Workaround: None

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