Installing the SSL certificate on your development computer

The BlackBerry® Administration API shares the SSL certificate used by the BlackBerry Administration Service. By default, the BlackBerry Administration Service uses a self-signed certificate. If you have not replaced the self-signed certificate on the BlackBerry Administration Service in your development environment with a certificate signed by a certificate authority, to gain access to the WSDL definition files, you can install the certificate in the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities key store using Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.

If you are developing in Microsoft .NET, Microsoft® Visual Studio® can access the self-signed certificate in the key store used by Microsoft Internet Explorer so your environment should not require further configuration.

If you are developing in Java®, you can use Microsoft Internet Explorer to export a self-signed certificate used by the BlackBerry Administration Service and add the certificate to your own key store. For example, Apache CXF™ contains a key store generator called keytool. The following command creates a key store called example.keystore and adds the BlackBerry Administration Service certificate to the key store.
keytool -import -trustcacerts -file <certificatename>.cer -keystore example.keystore -storepass <password> -alias bas
After you generate the key store, you can add it to the JVM parameters in your IDE to allow your application to access the key store.

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