Run the sample application

  1. In the workspace where you added the sendmediademo project, right-click sendmediademo.
  2. Click Build project.
  3. On the taskbar, click Start > Applications > Research in Motion > BlackBerry JDE 4.7.0 > Device Simulator.
  4. On the Home screen of the BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulator, click the Camera icon.
  5. In the Select camera image - BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator dialog box that appears (when you do not have a webcam connected to your computer), click Cancel.
  6. Click the Menu key.
  7. Click View pictures.
  8. Click an image to open it.
  9. When the image opens in the camera application, click the Menu button.
  10. Click Send to demo app.
The image is sent to the Send Media Demo application and is opened.
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