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Creating and changing theme projects

You create your new theme using the selected theme type as your starting point. You can change from one theme type to another at any time, however, any customizations you made to the Home screen will no longer apply in the new theme type. Changes made elsewhere in the theme are preserved.

You must create a theme for the specific screen dimensions of a BlackBerry® device. The Plazmic® Theme Builder scales screen elements to fit the specified screen dimensions.

When you export, you choose the specific device to export the theme for. You cannot create a theme and export it for use on BlackBerry devices that have different screen dimensions.

For example, if you design a theme for a BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 Series smartphone (with screen dimensions of 240x260 pixels), users cannot download that theme to a BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 Series smartphone (with screen dimensions of 320x240 pixels); they can, however, download that theme to a BlackBerry® 7100 Series smartphone, since it has the same screen dimensions (240x260 pixels) as the BlackBerry® Pearl™ smartphone.

You can save a theme project at any time and reopen it later to continue designing your theme.


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