Architecture: Payment Service framework



Content server

The content server is an optional component that you can set up to send digital goods to your users after they purchase digital goods. You might not require this component if you include the digital goods in the source code for your application and programmatically unlock the digital goods for users after a purchase.

If you set up a content server, you can provide the URL for the content server in the vendor portal for the BlackBerry App World storefront. The Payment Service server can use the URL to send notifications about successful purchases to your content server.

Payment providers

The payment providers are the organizations that offer payment types that device users can use to purchase digital goods (PayPal, credit card, wireless service provider billing). The Payment Service server handles the communications with the payment providers so that you don't have to implement support for each payment method in your application.

Payment Service server

The Payment Service server facilitates the interactions that can occur between your application, payment providers, the vendor portal, and your content server.

Vendor portal for BlackBerry App World

The vendor portal provides a UI that you can use to register your digital goods. You must add information about the digital goods, such as the name, a SKU, and pricing.

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