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Support for BlackBerry 7

You can now use the Advertising Service in applications that you develop for devices that are running BlackBerry 7.

Support for extra extra large banner size

The Advertising Service now includes support for an extra extra large banner size. You can now specify the Banner.MMA_SIZE_EXTRA_EXTRA_LARGE constant when you create a Banner object to request ads of this size. These ads are 320 x 53 pixels in size.

You can now use the Banner.MMA_SIZE_EXTRA_LARGE constant to request ads that are 300 x 50 pixels in size.

New banner transitions in BlackBerry 6 or later

On devices that are running BlackBerry 6 or later, the Advertising Service now includes new transparent-to-opaque transitions for banners. These transitions are now handled by using JavaScript, which can provide increased performance and reduced memory usage for your applications.

Use of zone ID instead of placement ID

The Advertising Service now uses a zone ID, instead of a placement ID, for communication between your applications and the mediation layer. You use the new zone ID in the same way in your applications as you used the placement ID.

Note: To receive ads in your new applications, or to continue receiving ads in your existing applications, you must use the new zone IDs that are provided by the Advertising Service team. For more information about how to obtain your zone IDs, visit to read the Advertising Service Development Guide.
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