Communication limitations

To prevent an application from using too much of the available bandwidth, the BlackBerry Messenger platform limits the total volume of data that is transferred by a BBM connected application as follows:

  • All messages and application data transferred over channel and session connections for all BBM connected applications that are running on a BlackBerry device are collectively limited to a maximum data transfer rate that is configured by the BBM server. If the total volume of data attributed to an application threatens to exceed the maximum transfer rate, the BBM platform throttles data traffic for that application to reduce the transfer rate to an acceptable level. File transfers sent from a BBM connected application are not considered to be application data, and are therefore exempt from this limitation on the data transfer rate.
  • File transfers sent from a BBM connected application are limited to a maximum of 60KB per transfer.
  • The maximum number of users in a connection is limited to 24.

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