Moving a property key or object handle

A layer handle appears on the key editor when you set a value for any property of any object within the layer. Using the layer handles, you can move all of the keys at a given frame for a specific layer to another frame.

For example, if you create multiple objects in frame 5 and then decide to initialize the objects in frame 1, you can drag the layer handle to frame one. All of the property keys set in that frame for all the objects on the layer also move.

Object manipulation is similar to layer manipulation in the sense that multiple property keys are impacted through a single action. You can use object manipulation to move all of the keys for a particular object from one frame to another.

For example, if you set the end value of several of an object’s properties in frame 20, and later decide that you want all of those properties to reach their end values in frame 30, you can drag the object handle from frame 20 to frame 30, and all the property keys for that object in that frame will move with it.

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