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This class represents a row of images that a BlackBerry® device user can browse and click by scrolling side to side. This class provides methods and fields that you can use to define the physical appearance of a PictureScrollField object. You define the content and highlight style of a PictureScrollField object in two of its nested classes, ScrollEntry and HighlightStyle.

The sample application demonstrates how this class uses the ScrollEntry and HighlightStyle nested classes, and how to define the border, background, label visibility, and center lens for the PictureScrollField object.


This class specifies the behaviour of the highlight effect that occurs when a BlackBerry device user focuses on an image in a PictureScrollField object. You define the highlight style by specifying one of the fields that are provided with the class.

In the sample application, you can choose from several highlight styles.


This class represents the individual image entries in a PictureScrollField object. You can specify the images as well as the text for the labels and callouts that appear when a BlackBerry device user focuses on an image.

The sample application creates an array of scroll entries and passes it to a PictureScrollField object.

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