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Change the message list icons

The message list displays a number of icons that identify the type and status of the messages in the list. These icons include images for email and text messages, as well as browser messages (for example, for saved browser requests or pushed browser content).

The icons that display in the message list are included in two composite images: one for message-related icons; and one for the browser-related icons. You must create new icons and arrange them into composite images according to a specific layout.

  1. Click the Message List button at the left of the Inspector pane.
  2. Click the Icons thumbnail image.
  3. Navigate to the composite image that contains all the message icon images.
  4. Click the Web Icons thumbnail image.
  5. Navigate to the composite image that contains all the web icon images.
  6. To view a different icon in the preview pane, click the Preview button to display the entire composite image, then click the icon that you want to display.


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