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Best practice: Naming a theme project

Consider the following when naming theme projects:

  • You can save your theme project with any unique name. However, when you export your theme project and create the .cod file, the Plazmic® Theme Builder changes any special characters in the file name (for example, - , +, and &) to underscores (_). If two files have the same name, differentiated only by special characters, they will have identical names when they are exported to a .cod file.

    This can be a problem if you choose the Overwrite Existing Files option in the Export dialog box. The Plazmic Theme Builder will not warn you when it exports and overwrites an existing file with the same name in the same directory, even if the Microsoft® Windows® file names for those two theme projects are unique.

    You should give your theme projects names that are unique, and avoid using special characters.

  • Reader is a reserved name; you cannot use it as a theme name.


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