Retrieve a service instance object

You can retrieve a service instance object for a component that cannot be configured for high availability. Components that can be configured for high availability have a core service instance and a host service instance. The following code sample retrieves an AttachmentConnector service instance object.
Before you begin: Retrieve the serviceID integer for the service that you want to find the instance of.
  1. Create the AttachmentConnectorServiceInstance object to store the service instance.
    AttachmentConnectorServiceInstance serviceInstance;
  2. Invoke findServiceInstancesByService().
    FindServiceInstancesByService request = new findServiceInstancesByService();
    request.serviceId = serviceID;
    request.locale = locale;
    request.includeStatus = false;
    FindServiceInstancesByServiceResponse response = coreWebService.findServiceInstancesByService(request);
  3. Check the result for errors and handle any errors.
    if (result.findServiceInstancesByServiceReturnStatus.code != FindServiceInstancesByServiceReturnStatusEnumType.SUCCESS) 
    	    // handle any errors
  4. Loop through the result and since there is only one AttachmentConnector service instance, store the object for the first one that is found.
    for (int j = 0; j < serviceInstanceResult.serviceInstances.Length; j++)
        if (serviceInstanceResult.serviceInstances[j].GetType().Equals(typeof(AttachmentConnectorServiceInstance)))
            serviceInstance = serviceInstanceResult.serviceInstances[j];

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