Move user accounts to a different BlackBerry Enterprise Server

You can use the moveUsers() method to move a user from one BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to another in your BlackBerry Domain. If you are only moving one user account, you can use the moveUser() method in a similar manner.
Before you begin: Obtain the following objects and attributes:
  • The user account IDs userIDs of the users you want to move
  • The dispatcher host service instance targetDispatcherInstance that you want to move the users to
  1. Create the UserMoveBlackBerryAttributes object that is required as a parameter of moveUsers().
    UserMoveBlackBerryAttributes userMoveBBAttributes=new UserMoveBlackBerryAttributes(); 
  2. Invoke moveUsers().
    MoveUserResult moveUsersResult = coreWebService.moveUsers(userIds, userMoveBBAttributes);
  3. Handle any errors that occur.
    if (moveUsersResult.getMoveUsersReturnStatus().getCode() != MoveUserReturnStatusEnumType.SUCCESS) 
            // handle any errors

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