Setting up a development BlackBerry Enterprise Server

You can install one or more BlackBerry® Enterprise Server instances that you can use to develop, debug, and test your application. A developmentBlackBerry Enterprise Server can help you avoid accidental changes to important settings on a production BlackBerry Enterprise Server, for example, the deletion of user accounts. To create an application that uses the BlackBerry® Administration API web services, the computer that you use to develop your application must have network access to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server on which the BlackBerry Administration Service and the BlackBerry Administration API are installed.

The development BlackBerry Enterprise Server should match, as closely as possible, the environment in which you want to use your application. The APIs that are available in the BlackBerry Administration API might vary depending on the components that are installed on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. If a component that is installed on the development BlackBerry Enterprise Server is not available on the production BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the functionality that is provided by that component is available on the production BlackBerry Enterprise Server. For example, if the development BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses a messaging platform that is different from your production BlackBerry Enterprise Server, such as Microsoft® Exchange instead of IBM® Lotus® Domino®, the methods that are available in the web service might stop working when you use your application with your production BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

When you set up your BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances for development, you can add the default certificate to the Trusted Root Certificate Authority key store on each development computer instead of replacing the default SSL certificate with one signed by a certificate authority.

If you use BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 SP1 or newer, the BlackBerry Administration API is installed when you install the BlackBerry Administration Service. If you use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 5.0, you must manually install the BlackBerry Administration API. If you upgrade the BlackBerry Enterprise Server from version 5.0 to version 5.0 SP1 or later, you should remove the BlackBerry Administration API before you upgrade. The BlackBerry Administration API is not supported in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server earlier than version 5.0.

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