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Create a button object

  1. Display the Animation panel, and make sure the key editor (timeline) is displayed.
  2. On the Object menu, click Create Button.

    The workspace enters editing mode. In editing mode, all other objects on the workspace are hidden.

    The Animation key editor displays a timeline for each button state. The button states are identified by an icon ordered as follows, from left to right:
    • Initial State ()
    • On Focus In ()
    • On Focus Out ()
    • On Activate ()

    By default, Initial State is displayed on the canvas.

  3. Use the drawing and text tools to create the button image in its initial state, and animate the Initial State button state as desired.
  4. In the Animation key editor, select the On Focus In state timeline.
  5. Modify and, if desired, animate the button image to define how the button appears when it has focus.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5, for the On Focus Out and On Activate button states.
  7. On the Object menu, click End Editing.
  8. On the Inspector, add actions for each state, as necessary.


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