Push Service

The Push Service implements the Push Access Protocol (PAP). The PAP specifies how push applications can send messages to mobile devices. With the BlackBerry Internet Service, content developers can use a PAP interface to push content to BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Internet Service infrastructure works as a Push Protocol Gateway (PPG). It provides a reliable and highly secure set of services that allows content providers to push data to their client applications on the BlackBerry device.

RIM also provides the Push Service SDK that helps to simplify push application development. It provides a programming model to help you create client and server side push applications in enterprise and consumer environments. The Push Service SDK exposes the push functionality at a higher level of abstraction so that you can concentrate on what you want to do and not on how to accomplish simple tasks (such as creating push messages). It also allows you to choose the appropriate push environment (enterprise or consumer) without changing the push initiator.

When registering to use the Push Service, you need to choose either the Push Essentials level of service or the Push Plus level of service. The Push Essentials level of service allows you to do the following:
  • Push messages to all specified subscribers, with a delivery within 30 days if possible.
  • Query subscriptions, which provides a list of subscriptions the PPG knows about.
The Push Plus level of service offers all of the features of the Push Essentials level of service, plus the following:
  • Deliver push messages within 8 hours, if possible.
  • Send cancellation messages.
  • Send status queries.
  • Request notifications of results.

Applications made for devices running BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier will be given a PIN to facilitate pushes, while applications for a BlackBerry 10 device will be given a token. The PIN or token serves as the address of the application that receives the push message.

Under normal conditions, each push request to the PPG returns a response that includes a status code indicating whether or not the request was accepted.

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